The Best Sugar Free Candies

best sugar free candies

When choosing a sugar free candy, you should consider cavities, additives, and other health issues. It should also be a smaller size, as a large sugar free candy may have an adverse effect on your self-control. If you still can’t resist a piece, try one of the sugar free candies listed below. Here’s a breakdown of the best options for each category. These are the favorites of many people.

Life Savers

When you’re looking for a delicious, guilt-free candy, try Life Savers. Since 1912, these candies have won over people with their delicious taste and guilt-free nutrition. Sugar-free versions of their classic fruit flavors make them perfect for any snack. LifeSavers sugar-free candies are available at Candy Warehouse stores. They’re a perfect treat for everyone, even those on a low-carb diet.

The classic wintergreen flavor of LifeSavers’ Wint-O-Green candy can help you refresh your breath. After coffee or lunch, try one of these breath mints. Or, if you’d like a sweet treat for afternoon snack time, enjoy a LifeSavers Mint. These candies are so refreshing, you can even share them with your friends. You’ll love the fact that they’re sugar-free!

The Lifesavers Mints are also vegan! Vegans may be concerned about some of the controversial ingredients in these hard candies. But, they’re available at grocery stores and online. If you don’t want to try the hard candies, you can also buy Lifesavers Gummies. Unfortunately, Lifesavers Gummies aren’t vegan. They contain Gelatin, an animal-derived protein, which can be a concern for vegans.


If you’re looking for a delicious candy with a sugar free alternative, Werther’s Original Caramel Sugar Free Candies are the perfect choice. They melt in your mouth, delivering the sweet, creamy taste that you crave. The candy is made with real butter and cream for a creamy texture that is ideal for your favorite pick-me-up treat. You can find these sweet treats in convenient 3.75 ounce pouches, making them perfect for candy jars.

You can find Werther’s Sugar Free Candies at the Dollar Tree for just $0.25 per piece after clipping your coupon. You can also check out their weekly deals on their website. You can also find Werther’s Original Caramel Chocolate Hard Candies at Kroger for a great price. You can even find a coupon to buy Werther’s Original Caramel Chocolate Sugar Free candies on Amazon for as little as $0.25!

Werther’s Original Sugar Free Caramels are made with real butter and cream. Each piece has just three grams of sugar and eight calories, making them a delicious option for diabetics and those watching their weight. Compared to their original caramels, these candies contain 40 percent fewer calories than their original counterparts. In a recent survey, Werther’s Sugar Free candy was praised by more than 60% of diabetics who said they had an uncontrollable urge to indulge in sweets.


Among the most famous chocolate candy bars in the world, HERSHEY’S Zero Sugar chocolate candy bars are a timeless favorite. These sugar-free candies are the perfect treat for any occasion, including Christmas stockings, trick-or-treat bags, Easter baskets, and Valentine’s Day party favors. In addition to being delicious, HERSHEY’S Zero Sugar chocolate bars are also low-calorie and gluten-free.

Although Hershey’s Sugar Free Candies contain the same amount of fat and calories as regular chocolate, they are a healthier choice for people with diabetes. Instead of sugar, they contain sugar alcohols, which digest slowly and only cause a slight rise in blood sugar levels. Compared to regular chocolate, these candies have as many as 20% fewer calories. These chocolates also make great additions to sugar-free baked goods.

In addition to sugar-free chocolates, Hershey’s Zero Sugar Caramel Filled Milk Chocolate is a low-carb and sugar-free treat that is a healthy choice for low-carb dieters. These candies contain sugar alcohols (maltitol and sorbitol) in place of sugar, making them a great alternative to traditional chocolate. They also make a perfect choice for those with diabetic or low-carb diets.

Sugar-free chocolates are now available in a variety of varieties. The original Zero Sugar Hershey Bar contains just one gram of sugar. Then, the company replaced sugars with sugar alcohols and added artificial sweeteners and fiber inulin. The company argues that these ingredients have no effect on blood sugar levels, but calories do count when you’re trying to lose weight. Hershey also seems to have forgotten that we eat chocolate for its taste, and it’s important to keep in mind the nutrition label before consuming a sugar-free chocolate.

Werther’s Original

The delicious and creamy taste of Werther’s Original Sugar Free Hard Caramels melts in your mouth. Made with real butter and fresh cream, these tasty candies have zero sugar carbs and only 8 calories per candy. Those with diabetes will love that they can indulge in Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candy without guilt! Its zero-calorie content makes it an ideal treat for diabetics, but don’t worry: the candy’s price won’t break your bank!

There are various flavors of Werther’s Original Hard Candy to choose from. Hard caramels are available in classic, creamy, and apple flavors. You can also find caramel coffee, apple, and cappuccino filled varieties. There are also chewy caramels, vanilla creme, and cocoa creme varieties. The caramel popcorn comes in caramel, sea salt, or pretzel flavors. Sugar free caramels are also available in vanilla chewy caramels.

Although the company’s sugar free products don’t contain pork, alcohol, or by-products, they don’t bear the kosher seal. This is because some flavorings are only extracted with alcohol, which makes the candy’s packaging opaque. Alcohol is equal to the volume of fruit juices. A large portion of Werther’s Original Sugar Free candy is covered with a laxative warning on the package.

Werther’s Altoids

You can enjoy the sweet, creamy taste of Werther’s Original candy without worrying about the sugar content. These sugar free mints are made from sorbitol, a naturally occurring sweetener found in fruit and plants. Sorbitol is one of the smallest sugars in food and has a very low effect on blood sugar. Therefore, Werther’s Altoids are an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a treat without the guilt.

For those of you who have diabetes, you can find a wide selection of delicious treats in the grocery store. Altoids come in a variety of flavors. The original cinnamon flavor is one of the most popular. These candies come in a tin for easy carrying. You can even buy these sweets in a pinch to treat yourself or a loved one. They also come in a variety of flavors and varieties, which make them ideal for sharing.

Even though some sugar free candies contain a high level of carbohydrates, they can still have significant amounts of trans fats and saturated fats. This is why it is important to read the label carefully. If you buy sugar free candy in bulk, you should check the ingredients to ensure that there is no added sugar. The sugar content of Werther’s Altoids is approximately six percent of the total calories in these candies.

Russell Stover’s

Russell Stover’s sugar free candies use maltitol syrup as their primary sweetener, rather than the usual table sugar. In addition to maltitol, the sugar-free candies also contain artificial flavors and polydextrose. These sweeteners cause a glucose response when ingested, so they should be eaten in moderation. However, some sugar-free candy brands contain more sugar than others.

Another popular brand of sugar-free candies is Russell Stover, the same company that created sugar-free toilet paper. This brand has recently launched a sugar-free line of chocolate candies made with stevia extract. They can be found in the candy aisle of grocery stores. The products contain stevia extract, which is similar to sugar in many sugar-free candies. These candies also make an excellent alternative gift for anyone who is trying to cut down on sugar in their diet.

The sweetener Maltitol is a common culprit in sugar-free foods, but this isn’t the only issue. In fact, sugar-free products can throw you out of ketosis. Maltitol is nearly twice as bad as raw sugar, so it is best to stick to the sugar-free variety. Russell Stover’s sugar-free candies can be eaten on cheat days, but should not be consumed while on keto.