The Best Assorted Chocolate Boxes For Valentine’s Day

best assorted chocolate

Purchasing a box of assorted chocolates is a classic Valentine’s Day gift. It can be a no-frills gift or an extravagant one. Either way, the idea is to share the love. There’s nothing better than receiving a box of chocolates, whether the gift is for a spouse, mother, or girlfriend. After all, sharing is caring! You’ve probably received a box of assorted chocolates yourself, but why not surprise your special someone with a beautiful box of confectionary?

Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres has been a leading pastry chef for nearly thirty years, and the heart-shaped box is a gift that will delight any lover of fine chocolate. Jacques Torres assorted chocolates are available in milk, dark, and white varieties. In addition to their classic milk and dark chocolate flavors, they are also available in raspberry ganache and white chocolate. Almost everyone will enjoy a box of these chocolates, from chocolate addicts to those with dietary restrictions.

The Jacques Signature Collection offers a variety of delicious flavors and shapes, including a classic hot chocolate, a dark chocolate orange a-peel, and a Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut. There is even a 4-oz Dark Chocolate Almond and Milk Chocolate Pretzel. Those who are more adventurous can choose from a selection of four chocolate bars in a variety of flavors.


Premium Assorted Chocolate Squares from Ghirardelli are individually wrapped, and perfect for gifts, entertaining, and personal enjoyment. Available in many popular flavors, Ghirardelli premium chocolate is made with the highest quality ingredients, from bean to finished product. For a truly luxurious experience, consider gifting Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Here are a few reasons why. Read on to learn more about the delicious varieties of Ghirardelli chocolate!

The original Ghirardelli chocolate company was founded in 1817 in Italy, but he later relocated to Peru, where he worked in a chocolate store and honed his craft. This is also when the company began to import their chocolate and treats internationally, and today, these recipes serve millions of customers. Recently, Ghirardelli began eliminating gluten from its recipes, and is on track to make all of their chocolates gluten-free by 2020. Moreover, every Ghirardelli chocolate product lists the cocoa content, nutrition count, and calories.

Ghirardelli has been producing confectionaries in bar form for decades, bringing consumers the classic chocolate experience. The company has worked hard to perfect the flavors of their chocolates and offers a variety of baking essentials to satisfy the demands of home bakers and pastry chefs. Ghirardelli has an exciting future ahead, and they strive to provide high-quality chocolates that satisfy customers’ cravings. So, don’t miss out on this delicious chocolate bar and the delicious baking essentials it offers.


If you like sweets, you may enjoy a bag of individually wrapped, flavored and molded Hershey’s assorted chocolates. These miniature sweets are a perfect choice for people who love to eat them right out of the bag. A variety of assorted chocolates will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. You’ll find a variety of flavors, including chocolate truffles, caramels, mints, cookies and even fudge.

To make your life even sweeter, try a bag of HERSHEY’S miniatures. These individually wrapped chocolates are so adorable you can place them on top of cookies or other baked goods. The flavors are truly delectable. There’s even a bar that contains crunchy peanuts! You’ll love every bite! The possibilities are endless with these delicious treats! Just pick your favorite flavor and enjoy!

When it comes to gatherings and parties, you can’t go wrong with the assorted chocolate variety from Hershey. From office break rooms to tailgate parties, it’s the perfect sweet treat for everyone. These are packaged individually and are ideal for parties, lunches, and picnics. If you have a special event coming up, consider gifting a bag of assorted chocolates to your guests.

You can find many different flavors of Hershey’s assorted chocolate in a variety of packages, ranging from as little as a pound to as much as 25 pounds. Some of the most popular ones include HERSHEY’S milk chocolate bars, REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups, and KIT KAT milk chocolate wafers. There are also special holiday packages available for those who don’t like to choose.

Vermont Nut-Free Grand Assortment

If you’re looking for a great box of nut-free chocolates, the Vermont Nut-Free Grand Assortment is a good choice. This box contains 12 assorted chocolates in a variety of shapes and flavors. Its design mirrors the classic box of chocolates abstained by people with nut allergies. However, it lacks the quality and flavor of Amore di Mona chocolates. However, it does come from a nut-free facility that also produces products containing soy, gluten, and eggs. Despite being a nut-free chocolate box, it contains some of the same flavors as the traditional box of chocolates, and it’s a nice treat to give to someone who’s nut-free.

The Great Harvest contains 12 gigantskimi pechen’iami and two voskhititel’nym pirozhnyms. The flavor of these treats will make you want to gobble them up! You can even add your own twist to the mix with these delicious treats! They’ll definitely become a part of your family’s favorite holiday traditions, and you’ll love them when you try them!

Another nut-free treat that’s worth trying is a flavored taffy. This candy candies are made with a natural soy-based glue. They’re free of nut and gluten, and are also free of artificial colors and flavors. A great alternative to nuts, this candy bar will be sure to impress your guests. A delicious treat for anyone! And it’s great for your health!

Whether you’re a nut-free or a non-nut-free cookie lover, you’ll find a variety of delicious treats in the Grand Assortment by Vermont nut-free candy company. Whether you’re looking for a nutty treat or a healthy snack, this candy bar has it all. The only downside is that you’ll probably find something you don’t like, and then get tired of it in a couple of days.

Kate Weiser

If you love the craziest and most outrageously-flavored chocolates, the Kate Weiser best assorted chocolate collection may be right up your alley. Kate Weiser, owner of a popular Dallas-area chocolate shop, has something for all budgets and tastes. The pieces are beautifully molded, branded with Weiser’s name and face, and contain a smattering of delicious flavors.

A Dallas-based chocolatier, Kate Weiser has now opened a shop in Fort Worth. Located at 5182 Marathon Ave., this Fort Worth location is the brand’s third area location. The original Northpark counter opened in 2016, and the Fort Worth location opened just last week. The Fort Worth shop will offer 26 signature bonbons, candy bars, and seasonal confections, such as the Carl the Snowman, a hollow dark chocolate snowman filled with hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows.

The company’s Artist Collection is a standout, with colorful splatters and complex fillings. A selection of flavors, including almond gianduja and cherry pate de fruit, is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth. The company’s No Whey Everything Good Collection features chocolates that are free of dairy and other allergens. A deluxe box has 15 assorted bonbons and a sleeve of caramel bonbons.