How to Find the Best Dark Chocolate Bar

best dark chocolate bar

Buying the best dark chocolate bar may seem impossible. There are so many choices out there. We’ll explore some of the most delicious ones, including Chocolove Organic Dark 73% Chocolate Bar, Alter Eco fair-trade and organic, Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate, Lily’s Extra Dark Chocolate, and more. Read on to find out which one is right for you! And don’t worry – there are plenty of others out there, too!

Chocolove Organic Dark 73% Chocolate Bar

The cherry flavored Chocolove Organic Dark 73% Chocolate Bar has a deep, rich chocolate flavor that gradually transitions to bright, chewy cherry pieces. The bar contains 73% dark chocolate and is fair trade and organic. It is made from cocoa that has been certified imo as life. The bar also contains dried cherries and is 3.2 oz in size. The bar is certified organic and fair trade, and contains dried cherries.

Alter Eco fair-trade and organic

The Alter Eco fair-trade and organic dark chocolate is a delicious treat that’s good for you and the planet. This bar is made with 85% cocoa, is certified fair trade, and contains no GMOs or artificial flavors. It’s made with cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, and Fleur de Sel de Guerande. The bar’s rich taste is complemented by the addition of cherry, coffee, and brown butter flavors. In addition, the bar’s price tag is only $6.18, and Amazon reviewers have raved about the taste.

Founded fifteen years ago, Alter Eco focuses on sustainability by using minimal processing and sourcing from farmer coops worldwide. The company uses compostable packaging and supports regenerative agriculture. Their chocolate is grown in Switzerland, and their Coconut Clusters are made in Colorado. They are committed to creating a healthier planet for future generations, and the company strives to make a sustainable impact with each bar. They offer fair-trade and organic dark chocolate bars, as well as an assortment of other delicious snacks.

The company is committed to transforming its packaging into sustainable, recyclable, and compostable materials by 2020. They already use recyclable aluminum and FSC-certified paper for their chocolate bars. Besides that, they have designed a 100% compostable stand-up pouch made from sustainable plant-based materials. The company has won Best of the World awards every year since 2013.

Alter Eco has recently added new flavors to its Blackout line. The Blackout bar contains 90% cacao, and blends the malty intensity of Ecuadorian and Dominican cacao with the fruitiness of Madagascar vanilla. The cacao is grown through dynamic climate-positive agroforestry methods. The company’s chocolate bars are also Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic, and gluten-free, and retail for $3.99 per bar.

Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate

Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate is a delicious addition to any candy bar collection. This brand is not only a favorite among chocolate lovers, but also for those who are kosher. This dark chocolate contains 60 percent cocoa solids, while Special Dark only has 45%. Both of these chocolates are suitable for those who are looking for a rich, decadent taste. Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate is also available in solid form.

Although Hershey’s makes a wide variety of dark chocolates, they are not necessarily healthier. In fact, many dark chocolates contain too much cadmium for human consumption. The recommended daily allowance for cadmium exposure is 50 milligrams a day, which is more than twice the amount found in Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate. Because of the health risks, you should consume Hershey’s chocolates in moderation.

Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate contains 60% cacao solids, which is the same amount as that found in coffee. Dark chocolate is also high in antioxidants. One bar contains about 35mg of caffeine, while a single serving of milk chocolate has just nine milligrams of caffeine. A serving of Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate has 8.1 milligrams of caffeine per tablespoon. These chocolates are not suitable for those with heart conditions.

Hershey’s Special Dark bar is also made of dark chocolate and contains 45% cocoa solids. Compared to milk chocolate, this one has a slightly bitter taste. Some people find it too bitter, so it’s better to opt for the Special Dark bar. Other Special Dark products include chocolate syrup and chips. Some even have almonds added. It’s important to read the label. If you’re unsure about the ingredients, choose organic.

Lily’s Extra Dark Chocolate

Unlike typical chocolates, Lily’s uses a zero-calorie botanical sweetener called Stevia, which is extracted from the plant Stevia Rebaudiana. It uses less sugar than typical chocolates, while maintaining the same rich, satisfying taste. If you’re looking for a chocolate bar that’s healthier for you, Lily’s is the ideal choice. Read on to discover why Lily’s chocolate is the best choice for you.

The chocolate is naturally sweetened with stevia, a zero-calorie sweetener that’s been prized for centuries due to its beneficial health benefits. Stevia adds a natural sweetness to Lily’s chocolate, while also containing fewer calories than conventional chocolate. Lily’s Chocolate does not contain artificial sweeteners, but it does contain five-fifths-of-the-sugar dark chocolate.

For those on a low-carb or keto diet, Lily’s 70% Extra Dark Chocolate is a great choice. Its rich, cocoa flavor and bold flavor are sure to please your taste buds. Plus, the chocolate is botanically sweetened with stevia, which means it’s lower in bad sugars. Whether you’re looking for a dark chocolate bar that’s healthier than the rest, Lily’s is a delicious choice for you and your family.

Lily’s Extra Dark chocolate bars are stevia-sweetened, containing no added sugar. This type of dark chocolate contains 25% fewer calories than conventional dark chocolate sweetened with sugar. Cynthia Tice, a chocoholic and advocate for natural foods, developed the chocolate bars to be a healthy alternative to conventional sweeteners. With only five ingredients, Lily’s Extra Dark Chocolate bars have everything you need for a guilt-free treat.

Hershey’s Simply Nature Dark Chocolate

If you’re looking for chocolate that’s good for you and the environment, Hershey’s simply nature dark chocolate is for you. Made with organic ingredients and no artificial ingredients, these bars are a great way to enjoy delicious dark chocolate without compromising your health. They’re also the perfect size for dipping, making s’mores, and decorating cakes and beverages. They also contain five simple ingredients that are non-GMO and free of high fructose corn syrup and other additives.

The company is an international leader in confectionery, with headquarters in Hershey, Pa., and is famous for its great tasting candy and snacks. With over 21,000 employees and 80 brands globally, Hershey’s makes tasty treats for the whole family to enjoy. The company is also expanding their portfolio and offering a variety of snacks. To date, they’ve made just about everything you could imagine, from chocolate bars to ice cream, cookies, and granola.

The only downside to this brand’s simply nature dark chocolate is its sweeteners. Sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are both high-glycemic and can keep you out of ketosis. Other chocolate syrup brands use keto-friendly sweeteners like monk fruit and erythritol. The brand uses monk fruit and stevia, and it’s worth looking at them to see what kind of sweetener they use.