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Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Dark Chocolate Truffles Gift Box, 12-Pieces, 8 Ounce

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For a mouthwatering and mouth-watering treat for your child, GODIVA CHOCOLATIER ASSORTED is the right gift. This amazing gift package is packed with a variety of fun goodies. The most popular gift in this package is the Gourmet Sea Salt and Chipotle Jelly Sandwich Cookie. Who wouldn't want to enjoy this mouth-watering sandwich?

This gift gives a child a chance to have chocolate and be a part of a bakery. In addition to the deluxe sandwiches, the assortment also includes assorted yummy treats such as the Coconut Chocolate Biscotti with Almonds, Milk Chocolate Truffles, or Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffles. With these and many more, your child will never get bored with her gift. GODIVA CHOCOLATIER ASSORTED is great for a birthday party, Christmas, or Valentine's Day. You can order from their online store, choose the treat that you like best, then print it out and bring them to their local bakery to get a delicious cookie for the kids.

The GODIVA CHOCOLATIER ASSORTED exclusive cookie was designed by one of the world's top pastry chefs. There are seven separate blends of cream cheese, some from local New York cheeses, others from New York creameries like Frangelico, Frvognol and Roloski. All seven local ingredients make it possible to use the finest ingredients possible.

The rich taste of the savory flavors of New York cheeses adds a special touch that creates a mouthwatering gourmet treat. These types of cheeses add their own unique taste to the sweetness of the cookie.

GODIVA CHOCOLATIER ASSORTED incorporates many of the world's favorite flavors of New York cheeses into one amazingly sweet, chewy, delicious cookie. The flavor combination of coconut milk and dark chocolate contributes a tasty and delicious chocolate to nibble. This will surely hit the spot. A hot fudge brownie base gives the cookie that sassy caramel flavor and a rich chocolate taste.

There are lots of other delightful flavors of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and some even have chocolate in them. It would be difficult to decide which gift is best, so each package includes only a few items.

GODIVA CHOCOLATIER ASSORTED also includes sea salt and chipotle pepper in a very tasty powder that adds to the richness of the cookie. There is a new line of flavors, but it does not include any chili powder. Simply adding the sea salt powder to the chocolate mixture with the egg white added gives it a very mouth watering and delicious taste.

GODIVA CHOCOLATIER ASSORTED has many other wonderful treats for your child. The chocolate salt and chocolate chip combination are just one of them. With the chocolate chip topping, your children will never know what hit them.

The Christmas Eve lineup of cookies is among some of the most delectable and delicious chocolates available. They are really rich, chocolatey, and have just the right amount of salt. These treats are made to be eaten before bed time and will melt in the mouth.

The Christmas season is a great time for giving gifts and kids love the cookies that have candy as an ingredient. Children love candy and everyone knows how much kids love Christmas!

The GODIVA CHOCOLATIER ASSORTED selections are truly the best chocolate gifts you can give to a child. The variety of flavors, the beautiful packaging, and the packaging itself are reasons enough to love this excellent gift!

By choosing GODIVA CHOCOLATIER ASSORTED, you are helping to give back to the community while enjoying a very special gift. Your children will love this gift and your neighbor will be amazed at the thoughtfulness and sense of humor that go into such a simple gift.

Product Features

EXQUISITE ASSORTED CHOCOLATE GIFT PACK: 12-pieces of delicious chocolate candies with rich taste in a fancy box IRRESISTIBLY SMOOTH CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES: Features milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate shells with filling made of gourmet sea salt and chipotle, liquid fondant and crispy, crunchy toasted nuts DESSERTS FOR CHOCOHOLICS: A sophisticated chocolate gift box for special moments, birthdays, a treat for chocolate lovers or to be shared at home with family and friends COMPACT AND FANCY GIFT BOX: These Godiva truffles are individually stored in a special tray so you can eat and enjoy anytime, anywhere INNOVATIVE PACKAGING: The temperature is monitored during shipment to ensure that your gourmet chocolate gift box arrives in perfect condition