Dark Chocolate

Discover the Beans and Where it All Started

Have you ever wondered how the history of chocolate started? The early history of chocolate is actually quite interesting. Read on to find out what it really took to create a chocolate product that can be enjoyed by people around the world today.


While there are a few different ways chocolate can be made, the most common ages are from four to six years old. The first thought for a person would be that the history of chocolate is a simple story of a little chocolate being discovered in a little chocolate box. But it's actually more complicated than that.


From the moment the roots of chocolate were discovered, it was found to be eaten in the right time of the year. It's thought that cocoa beans were first cultivated during the time of the Aztecs, and that it was only later that they began to be used for chocolate production. It's also thought that early European chocolate came from trade with the Native Americans.


Cocoa beans have a genetic structure that gives them their flavor. As a bean grows, the beans eventually become black or dark. As they mature, the bean's taste changes, becoming sweeter or less bitter. The roasting process also changes the chocolate's flavor.


As far as the chocolate-producing process goes, the process itself is a serious study. In fact, cocoa beans do take a while to grow. The cocoa plant grows from an aerial root, and while the cocoa bean grows directly out of the seed, the whole process can take up to two years.


Once the plant emerges from the ground, it produces leaves behind that contain its reproductive organs. When it reaches a certain age, it will start producing beans. There are roughly fifty to seventy beans per seed, each growing from a much larger stalk than the previous one. Popular belief says that chocolate was first invented in France, but there is no documented evidence to back up this belief. The true history of chocolate also goes way beyond France. It has been noted that chocolate is a native to many countries around the world.


Africa, China, and Mexico are just a few of the countries that produce chocolate. The two main countries that use chocolate extensively for their exports are the United States and the United Kingdom. Chocolates from the United States can be found in grocery stores all over the country.


Chocos can be found in everything from soda bottles to hot dog buns. They can also be found in different flavors of ice cream, cookies, pies, and the list goes on. It's not difficult to see how chocolates have been linked to everyone from children to grandparents.


One interesting history of chocolate comes from the way the family that produced the chocolate started out. The story starts when a chocolate maker from Mali decided to plant cocoa beans to make some money for himself. He planted some in Africa, then he tried to plant more in Mexico, and then finally he planted the beans in Mali. The beans he had originally planted were then collected and shipped to Europe, where they were sold at a significant profit.


The chocolate trees that the Mali man had planted were unable to survive in the harsh African climate, so the remaining beans were spread out across the African deserts. Years later, the cocoa beans were discovered by a group of farmers in Ghana. The farmers named the chocolate after the small tree that was the origin of the chocolate trees.


So, as you can see, there is a lot more to the history of chocolate than what you initially thought. Learn more about the history of chocolate today!